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A Really long day(really).

This week we began building the twit bot. Tuesday and weds. We focused on problem solving while building the robot on a larger breadboard, after Tuesday we still did not have a (completely)working breadboard example;however,on weds. I was able to determine the problems we had been having all week. Our adruino code seemed perfect. However, The code we adapted from the Ganzbot site was written for an older version of the  adruino board. Our LED’s for our mouth and eyes only lit up very very lightly, which first had led us to believe we had a power problem, but after a few hours of tinkering and asking for help from classmates and people who had already taken the class, we couldn’t find any lack of power or anything wrong in general. So, i began thinking with  just lighting the leds, in a separate program, which showed us that our adruino couldn’t tell that  our pins for our mouth and eyes(2,3,4,7,9) were supposed to output, this was simply fixed with 😦 pinMode(X, OUTPUT); ) where X is the pin #.This still left our “eyebrows((pins 5,6) unable to work. They seemed to try to move each time a command was given, but they would just twitch until the command was over. First i tested the eyesbrows( which are moved by small servos) with servo sample code provided by adruino, and they worked completely. I checked our code looking for a similar problem as with the LEDs but to no avail.I then re-read through the code for the movement and reset of the eyebrows. I found a small reset part of the loop that reset the servos to neutral(90 degrees) after the loop. I had added this to make sure the servos reset after a command was done being executed, unfortunately i had also added it at the beginning of the loop, so the servos would change to show the different moods, but would immediately change back to neutral, this fast change was too fast, the servos couldn’t change  before they were reset, resulting in the lack of movement.

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