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Getting Started

Our project is a robot that reads twitter messages. It would take twitter messages and transfer them to speech at the computer and then the robot would react to the messages as though it was reading them. It will have an led mouth that lights up as it is reading the text as well as eyes that can change color depending on mood and moving eyebrows to better express mood. Today we did some research on what we will need to do in order to get this project running. We went through the website we got the idea from (http://blog.mozmonkey.com/2008/ganzbot-an-arduino-robot-who-reads-twitter/)to see what they used when they did the project and came up with our own set of supplies. We will need a perforated board and header pins, NPN Transistors, 2 rgb leds, 6 regular leds, and 2 servo motors. We are also considering adding a wireless adapter to the board so that it does not have to be attached to the computer and we are also considering a speech synthesizer so we don’t have to depend on computer speakers for the audio.

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